Some Women’s Reasoning Could be Funny! 

​I was having a conversation the other day with a group of married women (I like to have a glimpse of what happens in the average matrimonial home,  so I can be ready for mine). We were talking about the average African man and the average African home. Majority of the women were saying ridiculous […]

Dear Growing Girl

Dear Growing girl, If you are reading this, then good for you.  I’m about sharing some secrets with you. I know you are going through some challenges that we call ‘Girl Problems’ right now, and you are a little confused, wanting to talk to someone , but you don’t know who. Sometimes,you feel its even […]

FATE (Episode 1)

​   Tamara was fed up of this. ‘When will all these stop?’ She mumbled to herself. ‘What did you say?’ her mum asked, thinking she was talking to her. ‘Nothing, mom’. Actually there was something, and that was the fact was she was tired of changing her school every year. She was supposed to be […]