Some Women’s Reasoning Could be Funny! 

​I was having a conversation the other day with a group of married women (I like to have a glimpse of what happens in the average matrimonial home,  so I can be ready for mine). We were talking about the average African man and the average African home. Majority of the women were saying ridiculous things, things that were pissing off, like I was hearing them for the first time so to speak. 

I don’t understand why some women say a man helps around the house and helps with the children. Are you kidding?  No one says a woman helps around the house. To say a man helps suggests he is doing his children a favour by taking care of them or doing his wife a favour. Please, how is that “Helping”?
When a man is doing domestic duties or he is taking care of the children, he is just being up to his responsibilities as a member of the home and their father.  
The household is joint responsibility. So he is not helping. He is doing what he should be doing. Of course, a woman should be appreciative of a responsible partner, just as a man should be appreciative of his responsible wife. 


One thought on “Some Women’s Reasoning Could be Funny! 

  1. I always say this and get annoyed also when it is phrased that way. I come from a West Indian background where the patriarchy still runs deep…I just have to shake my head sometimes.

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