THE BABY WHO KEPT TRYING (Dear Growing Girl Series) 

Dear growing girl, this story I am about to tell you will open your eyes to a lot of things…it’s a true life story, and I want you to pay rapt attention to it. If you do, then, you are on your way to reaching the top of life’s ladder very quickly and very easily (one that everyone, even older people are still struggling to get to).

As I sat in my office, I couldn’t help but notice a little baby, as little as 8 months old placed on the warm carpet by his mother, who wanted to get something out of her bag, but didn’t want her son distracting her. Being a school administrator, I come across a lot of babies and children whose parents come to enroll into the crèche and preparatory school. From what I noticed, he had only just started to sit (That stage every baby gets to just before the crawling stage). His mom dropped a toy in front of him to play with while she searched her bag frantically. I watched the boy play with his toy.  A few seconds later, his mom’s phone rang, and while she picked it her eyes were glued to her son. At that point, the toy had left the boy’s arm reach due to the unsteady movement of his hands. I reached out to help him retrieve it, but before I could, the little baby challenged me by reaching out further, with the mind of getting back his toy. 

His mom and I watched him struggle to get his toy (He couldn’t crawl, so he just kept stretching his arm). After a few more seconds of struggling, I thought within me “This boy will cry any moment from now” As he was struggling too much and was only a little closer, but not within reach. However, little kiddo proved me wrong by being consistent. He tried harder, never giving up, until his mom ended her call, and realized her son had tried enough. She then used her feet to get the toy closer to him. He happily grabbed it and continued playing without having a knowledge of the help he got. He probably thought in his mind “YES! I made it, I did it!…..

The little boy taught me a lot from those few minutes, and I want you to pay attention to these lessons too:

Have a Positive Mindset. Believe it or not, the healthy mindset of that little boy got him back his toy. A positive mindset can get you what others will never get till they die. The difference is ‘the mindset’. Perhaps, if the baby’s mom didn’t intervene when she did, if she had given him a little more time, he may have crawled to get his toy (he was an inch closer to it). Hey girl, there is nothing in this world or life that you cant get. You are not getting it yet because you need to change your mindset and attitude. ‘Having a positive attitude and outlook on life affects how we get through things’. Many a time, we let situations dictate how we should think, behave and talk. Why do you think America, China and some other developed countries are great? Positive Mindset. Positive Attitude to life. America is one country that believes so much that she is the greatest of all countries. Even if it’s not true. An average American sees herself better than any other person from another nation. This is why they are what they are today. The way you view yourself determines what life will bring you. Nigeria is what it is today because of the negative and unhealthy mindset of an average Nigerian. The average Nigerian will say “This country is just so fucked up. This country can never be better. Useless country. I am tired of this country. No good thing can come out of this country. This country is filled with bad leaders, and corruption has eaten deep, so it will never develop….” Etc. How then do you expect the country to progress? Every single Nigerian keeps pronouncing evil utterances; even pass it down to their children and descendants. The children and descendants are born into that mindset, grow up with that mindset and groom their own children with that mindset. That is why Nigeria is where it is today. So darling, have a POSITIVE MINDSET. It is what will get you life’s wonderful things on a platter of gold.

The little boy kept stretching forth his arm. Those little repeated stretches, brought him closer to his toy. Consistency, repeated action, even in series of failure, not only makes you perfect, but brings you closer to your dreams. Consistency brings you closer to that thing you want to achieve. Just keep doing it, do not ever let anything discourage you. If you don’t fail, then you are not yet a success. Keep fighting, keep going, keep doing it, and eventually you’ll come out smiling, just like the little boy.

When the toy went off the baby’s hands, he didn’t reason this way “Well, I am only a baby, I can’t even crawl yet. Mommy is beside me, once I cry out and point to the toy, she’ll pick it up and give it back to me”. The little baby didn’t let his ‘baby-status’ deter him from getting his toy. Now, listen to me carefully, dear growing girl, Do not let anyone whatsoever inhibit you from accomplishing your dreams or goals because you are female. I have heard all sorts ‘Oh, you are a girl, don’t waste your time doing this and that. You are supposed to be making babies…and all sorts of other nonsense. If I had listened to them, I won’t be where I am today.

The little baby’s mom watched him and eventually helped him out when she noticed he had tried hard and as a result gotten closer to his toy. This is likened to you (the baby) and God (the mom). If you do not make any effort, God will do nothing. He will only sit back and keep watching you. A true mom who doesn’t want her child to get spoiled will not do everything for her child, so he doesn’t get used to having everything done for him. Same thing with God. Trust me, he is God and he loves you so much that he will never watch you suffer. He can’t give you what is too much for you to chew. Just as the baby’s mom helped him out immediately she saw his trials, God will be there just in time. SO, just keep doing it.
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Your future is in your hands…..


4 thoughts on “THE BABY WHO KEPT TRYING (Dear Growing Girl Series) 

  1. This is beautiful. Amazing how watching a baby struggle to get its you inspired you to compare that countries and having a positive attitude in life. WordPress needs more of this.

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