The Story of a FEMALE by QueenNelly (TeamGPS member)


Henny’s Story



It was on thursday morning that a customer came to our shop. My friends and I were praying not to be picked by him. He was tall and had a cap on his bald hair. I knew it was bald because when he got closer to me, he removed his cap to check me out clearly. I started to cry when Mr. Henry got one of the cartons used to deliver us to buyers and came to our rectangular shaped iron cage. He opened it with purpose and picked me amongst 14 of us inside it. I continued to cry till i was safely tucked at the boot of a car parked in front of the shop. That was how my journey to the pit of hell began. It was even better if I were in hell. I would have had fire and brimstone rained on me. I would have been dead to be there or probably sinned as well. Right now i can’t say if what i did was a sin. I would leave you to judge after my story.

The family that bought me from the shop took proper care of me. They fed me as I always loved to eat. I never stopped till dawn of each day only because by then I wouldn’t see what i’m eating. At one time the 8 year old daughter of the bald man gave me a thorough bath. I felt like a queen. As it got closer to Sundy there was excitement all over their faces. I felt the vibes right in my veins. Their joy raised panic and alarm for me. I felt the reason for their joy. I was the sole reason for it. 

On Saturday morning their mother called a hausa man and gave him a knife to sharpen. I was cold all of a sudden. I couldn’t blink a wink. I found my eyes suddenly dried up. My throat was dry as well. I couldn’t swallow a spit. I was motionless. I saw death clearly coming to me. I predicted it to be tomorrow. I had to plan fast. I needed to get out of there. Nobody likes to die, not even me. As thoughts of what to do went through my mind, i heard a cock crow. It was outside the backyard. It fluttered its wings as a sign that he wants to mate with me. How could he not see my situation? He should be concerned about how to help me escape and not how to mate with me. No wonder they say that the male flock sometimes think with their prick and not their brains. I decided to ask him for help as it was obvious he is not aware that I needed it. After all, the Bible said somewhere in its numerous pages that when we ask we will receive. I heard of this particular verse from a woman who came to preach at the shop. I should have repented had I known a day like this would come. She said that part too. I was too stubborn to listen. The cock came inside and I whispered to him and urged him to be quiet. He ceased his crows and got closer to me, I told him my plight and he got to work immediately. I was tied to a pole with a green thread. I never liked the colour green. I had asked them to change it the first day I came but they heard me not. They thought I was happy to see the grain kept beside me. The cock used his teeth and slowly worked on the thread. It loosened a bit. I fluttered my feathers to show appreciation, I knew it would make him do it faster. It worked, i was out in a jiffy, free at last. I looked at my fragile left leg where the rope was tied. It was a bit swollen. Even though my freedom stared at me in the face, I was faced with two paths. I had to choose, to determine a course of action. If I were to go with cock, I’ll be giving myself to him. If I were to refuse I would die. It dawned on me that it is not the mere possession of freedom that makes life satisfying – it is what we choose to do with our freedom that determines whether or not we shall find peace with ourselves. Cock called on me to go with him. I took few steps closer to him. He danced happily and I knew the only thing he saw in me was my sexuality. He never asked me who I was. How I got to be there. I needed him to ask me so I know he was different from the male out there. As we got to the gate that led outside I heard a shout behind. It was the daughter of the bald man. She called on her mother, father, sisters, brothers, neighbours, even her ancestors. That was when the chase began. I ran as fast as I could. I was new to the environment so I had to go with cock who was a resident. He led me through gutters, passages. At a point I thought I was free from their clutch until I felt a sharp object crush my legs. It was so sharp that I cried out in pain. I stopped and saw a small knife stuck to my delicate left leg, exactly at that point the rope was released from. I looked up to see the man responsible for my pains. It was the bald man. I wondered how he got close to the chase. I couldn’t see cock anywhere near us, he must have ran to a safe distance. The bald man took me home and used to green rope to tie my right leg tightly to the pole. I was back to square one. It was humiliating  coupled with the fact that the pain was excrutiating. The bald man came out with the knife as if on a second thought and cut at my right leg. I guess he did that to ensure i won’t run off again. I wept bitterly because i was in serious pain. The bald man instructed his household not to feed me again till tomorrow Sunday being my death day. I felt their pain and near loss. I wanted to tell them not to blame me. No one wants to die, not even me. I want to live and get married someday. Of a truth, we can’t stay to a particular cock. But i want to try it. I want to have children. I want to experience the joy to shield them from hawks and vultures. The joy to move with them till they get to a certain stage and i abandon them. The joy to lay eggs upon eggs. I want to feel the joy of being a mother hen. The pain on my leg was a reminder of my scattered dreams. I need to brace up, afterall man must live and man must die. I was left like that for hours. I wept and accepted my faith.

The daughter of the bald man came out from the house with her hands clasped tightly. She was careful not to be seen by anyone. She threw some grains to me, i couldn’t sit up because my legs were broken. She saw my inability to move and helped push the rice closer. I saw her eyes and there was pity in them. She urged me to eat it before her father finds out. At that moment i found a reason to die. My death would be a glorious one. I would die for her so she can eat my flesh, most especially my head. I imagined her eating her delicious meal, saving me for last and taking her time to eat up all my flesh in her plate. Then try to crack my bone with her incomplete teeths. I felt good just thinking about it. I ate the rice in a hurry. She gave me some water and i drank it all. I was thirsty. After the secret meal, i thanked her. She was shocked. I knew because she shifted abruptly. It meant that she heard me. She understood my words, my tongue. It was a miracle. I had my first miracle a day to my death. It really was going to be a glorious death. 


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