VOICE OF A GIRL(Warning to every girl. No boy loves you)

I wonder who would have been rubbing my feet now if I had agreed to abort the pregnancy years ago…

I got pregnant a year after I graduated from secondary school. This was about the same time I was offered admission into a University in Ghana. I told Patrick about it but his response was “you better go and remove that thing”. ….He was my first and didn’t know what to do. In my confusion, I went for the abortion but the doctor started to preach to me, persuading me not to abort it. I explained  my fears to him and after a very long session,I made up my mind to keep the pregnancy. I knew my parents were going to skin me alive but the only thing I could do was wait for the time to come.

When they eventually found out, it broke their hearts because my mum forfeited her treatment for my registration and other things I would have needed for school.She was battling cancer of the breast at the time. Patrick was summoned but he never showed up. I had it rough with my parents bt they took care of me and even registered me for antenatal. @7months,i had to leave my parents house because where I come from,its a taboo to give birth in your father’s house out of wedlock. I went to so many relatives but none agreed to accommodate me. So I went to Patrick’s and begged him to let me stay till I put to bed. He agreed but he made my life a living hell. This was someone who was ready to kill any man that came close to me before the pregnancy issue came up,but I became a worthless piece of rag to him suddenly. He was so mean to me and most times had sex with me forcefully. He even started dating a girl close to his house. She used to cook and bring to him in my  very presence. I couldn’t do anything but kept praying for safe delivery. One night,I questioned him about my missing  money, but he beat me up till I passed out. His landlord got him arrested. After he was released from d police cell,he stopped  speaking to me and would leave the house to stay with the lady next door for days.

Sometimes, I had to shamelessly go and beg for food. At last,my son came at about 11:45pm,on the 14th of Sept 2005. My aunt and my cousin came to take me back home two days later.Patrick never cared to check on us, let alone send a dime for his son’s upkeep. Exactly one week after my son’s 1st birthday, Patrick sent a text to me, saying we needed to talk. I ignored all his calls and text messages. Little did I know he had me followed. 

One night,I left the studio late because of the heavy rain that held me and my baby.As I alighted from the bike with my son, I saw Patrick alight  behind us. I just went in to lay my son on the couch but then I heard my dad honking. I ran to open the back gate for him. To my greatest surprise, when I got back to the living room, Patrick had disappeared with my baby.I ran out and saw him by our junction with a bike man. I think the negotiation didn’t go well,because the bike man left him there. My son was crying really so loud because it started drizzling.

 In tears,I asked him where he was taking my son to and he replied saying”you have been telling people that I got you pregnant,so am relieving of d stress by taking my son away from you” Ah! This night??? 10pm? He began to walk away but I held his shirt. We began drag my baby like he was a teddy. The road was dark and lonely because people were asleep already. My dad at home thought I was in my room. After dragging my son with Patrick for some minutes, he finally let go but as I was happily walking away with my son,he crossed over to the other side of d road. There was a carpentry workshop there. I just felt a sharp pain at d back of my head. Only to wake up the next morning in a hospital. My neighbour said she was standing in her shop with her husband watching everything.Patrick picked a plank and knocked me out with it,then he pushed my almost lifeless body into a gutter that was filled with dirty water. He left me to die there and started running with my baby. That was when the couple began to scream for help. People came out and some ran after Patrick. The police men on patrol saw Pat and asked him where he was going with a baby at that time of the night and in the rain but he lied to them, saying his wife went to work and the baby was having a fever. Suddenly, power was restored and the police noticed some people running towards them. Pat became uncomfortable and that rose suspicion. He was forced into the hilux.As the young men got to the police, they askd if they saw a man carrying a baby ….

*Fast forward*….He was jailed for kidnap and attempted murder. Months later, he was granted bail but he never showed up in court for our next hearing.The police went to his house but were told he moved. Its been 10years now and no word from him.I don’t even know if he is alive. I finally went back to school and studied Sociology amidst the health and other challenges I faced. I graduated some months ago. God saw me through it all and I am forever grateful . I won’t forget to appreciate my late parents for their love and support.(my mum died two months after I had my son and my dad joined her in 2015).

 So thankful to my elder brother who made sure my son and I never lacked anything. I know its not been easy for him taking care of the family. My son is 11years old now and in Jss1. My number one love …. I could have thrown him away!!So glad i didnt.I am a SINGLE MUM and I dont care what people say about it.  


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