Oh No, Not this!!! What is happening to me??

15 year old Olah had only just escaped. Where she came from, the females were given out against their wish. It was a custom, and no one could dare stand against it. Anyone who did, will be put to death.Once a girl was given out, she would never be able to see the rays of the sun again. She was supposed to be indoor always, never to be seen outside and to be seen only by her husband, except he gave her permission to visit her relatives or for a religious function where she will be all covered up from head to toe. Not even a tiny strand of her body hair was to be seen in the public.

 A girl who went to school was seen to be wasting her time and her parents’ money, for, she will be given out eventually when the suitor came knocking. Olah was an intelligent girl who knew she wanted to change the barbaric nature of her tradition. She hated the fact that females in her community were treated like properties and like some sort of lower animals with empty heads. The girls looked down when they walked on the road. They werent allowed to talk to the opposite sex in the public, and if a girl was greeted, she was only going to wave and keep going. The girls had zero self esteem in her community. Olah hated all of these so much, and it killed her. She wanted to be a Minister of Women Affairs. She knew she had to beg her parents to help her achieve her dream by not giving her out early in marriage. She wanted to enjoy her childhood so much, she wanted to do something with herself and by herself. She didnt want to be denied of what the world had to offer her.

 The day her bossom friend was called upon, she knew something was up. Lanah and Olah were inseparable, and had dreams of saving girls from situations similar to what happened to girls in their community. They saw themselves being heroines of their future. They wanted to be women that younger girls will look up to and fight to be successful, fight to create a positive impact., not the present girls who thought they had nothing to fight for. 

 However, Lanah was taken away during school hours by her dad and 3 older men. It was totally odd for something like that to happen except the girl was to be married of. The 3 men looked alike and the youngest of them looked like a man in his late forties. It was obvious that her bossom and lovely friend was to be married off. This was a day she dreaded, and it had finally come. Lanah stared with teary eyes at her friend who was looking from a window, while she being was taken away and Olah could only weep silently, she snatched her glance away from her friend to avoid doing something stupid that may cost her life.

Olah never saw Lanah again. She knew her turn would come soon, she knew she had to do something. That night, Olah ran away from home.

And now, three weeks later……

Some boys had just tried to rape her after she had gotten into a neighbouring town on foot. She had trekked for 48 hours and was exhausted. She knew she had to go farther away so that her parents wouldnt find her, but she wanted to eat something and rest. The drive to be a minister of women affairs someday made her strive not to give up. She found the boys and went towards them to ask for anything to eat. If Olah had known they were not to be trusted, she probably wouldnt have gone to meet them.

“You want food, and you want to rest”? A rough looking boy asked, with a mischievous look on his face.

Olah was too trusting not to recognise that look. She replied innocently,…and then, she saw it….

The three boys who were between the ages of 17 and 20, looked at each other with smug looks and foolish grins, immediately, Olah, wasnt so trusting anymore. She started to retreat. The boys moved closer, and told her to stop moving. She refused, and tried looking around, no one seemed know what was happening. They were all about their businesses and she knew she had to run.

As she turned to run, one of the boys shouted…”Hey, thief, where do you think you are going, huh” (in a native language) . Olah wasnt listening, she started to run. The boys ran after her shouting “Thief, Thief, dont let her go. Please catch her”.

Within 5 seconds, a mob was around her speaking a language she didnt understand. The boys were saying something, people were looking at her, probably to hear what she was saying. She was confused. They started to pick stones, she was trying to stop them, then she felt a hard knock, or something similar to one at the back of her head, before she could find what it was, she felt two more by the side of her head. The ground came closer, and she felt more blows. She was too weak to realise the warm fluid coming down her head was blood. 

At that point, Olah knew she was never going to be a Minister of Women Affairs in year 2040something anymore!


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