Voice of a Girl…by TeamGPS member (QueenNelly)

As a girl child, i lost my mum at a prime stage when i needed her the most to expain some necessary things. I needed to learn from her the do’s and dont’s of adolescence. I needed to know what to do when i felt a sharp pain at my lower abdomen and minutes later drips of red fluid came through my laps. I needed to know what to say to Tobechukwu when he first confessed his love for me. I needed a lot from her. 

It was hurting discovering life on my own. It was scary at the beginning. The changes that took place within my body. With no one to tell how i felt. With no one to share my desires with. With no one to complain to about the flirtatious advances of the men i met as a child. I felt horible and left out. It did something in me. It made me secretive. It made me independent. It made me strong. It made me courageous. And mostly it made me adventurous. 

My story got better because i believed in me. But then i have a father who also believed in me. He never thought me useless because i was a girl. He gave me the best training. He told me his secrets. He gave me numerous opportunities. He exposed me to qualitive education. He sharpened my literary sense. Many men out there don’t regard the girl child as a child. This leads many girl child out there with no one to confide in to end up really bad. If you believe the weaker vessel is girls then you don’t understand the power of creation. As a male, you have a responsibility to bring out the best in your girl. Don’t reserve your love for your boy child. They are all equal before God.

Let’s take care of the girl child. Give them the best because they deserve the best. We are the future of womanhood. 

#Africa4Her #GirlvoiceAfrica #TeamGPS #QtaleJournal #Queennelly


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