EVENT: Graciella Personality Show (giving the GIRL a voice)

THEME: “The Strong Girl”

VENUE: Local Government Council, Igueben Local Government, Edo State, Nigeria, West Africa.

DATE: March 4, 2016


INTRODUCTION: Graciella Personality Show is an upcoming TV show driven by a passion for the girl child. It intends to educate and orientate the African girl-child towards sexual molestation, Career Development and other related matters with the aim of guiding them. Research has it that over 25% of girls at the age of 15 gets sexually abused either by their relatives or non-relative. Record has it that the norms of the society on the girls is being less to men or always having to look up to men for their needs, where girls think their highest goal in life is getting married, a man should be a plus in their life not a target or a goal, just like an MSc is an advantage, it should be a thing u can do without.                                        There are several other roles the society places on the girl child that gives HER these false beliefs.  Hence it’s what the parents instill in them that they retain up until they are able to critically think for themselves and decipher what is what that they now realize they can do so much more. Often times they are already locked up in the arms of a Mr. wrong or very few times Mr. Right.                       To this effect, Graciella Personality Show was birthed to discuss extensively their values to nurture the girl child in helping to build and mold her into what an ideal girl, lady should be and how they can contribute to the Nation building, right from building their families in the light of the world. From, Careers to Model Homes to Poor Orientation to Poor Cultural practices on the Girl child to Teenage Pregnancy (where if aborted, the society frowns at it and when kept, the same society frowns at baby mamas and stigmatize). GPS intends to boost their Morales, give them a voice from the place of power. Not to throw in the towel, to still be as strong as they were before the incident and treat themselves to their best.

Graciella Personality Show is to hold its maiden edition in Edo State this year. The programme is directed towards hosting about 500 to 570 persons in Igueben local government area of Edo State as well as neighboring towns and state.

AIM: Graciella Personality Show aims to provide emotional, psychological and financial answers to young girls and women in Africa.

Target Beneficiaries: Secondary School Students, Tertiary Institution Students, Parents


  • Prevention of sexual abuse…from happening at all
  • To give the GIRL a voice.
  • To Punish Sexual Offenders.
  • To Partner with relevant Non-governmental Organizations with similar ideas ,visions and passion on the girl child

CONTENT: Myths pertaining to THE GIRL

The challenges of THE GIRL

What the Law says about Sexual abuse

How to recognize sexual abuse.

Report Every Sexual Abuse.

True Life Stories

Resource persons will be coming in from Lagos, Oyo state, and Cross river state

Sponsorship will be valued and brands involved on this project would be given due accolades and a place in our hall of fame as a society builder: For God and for the Country:

  • Main Stage Signage
  • Company Name mentioned during radio interviews and every other kind of media publications.
  • Brand Logo on all Publicity materials e.g. backdrops as sponsor
  • Inclusion of Brand Name on all Social Media Posting as partners.
  • Advertising your product or service at the event.
  • Inclusion in Advertisement campaigns across prints and online platforms.




Nigeria doesn’t punish offenders much, hence we shall be looking to equip mothers, girls, ladies on how to avoid sexual harassment, how to identify potential abuse situation, what to do at an initial state of a potential abuse, what to do during an abuse, what to do after an abuse.


Visit our social media platforms:

Facebook: Graciella Personality Show


Instagram: graciella_ps

Twitter: Ella On GPS

Email Address: or



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