Have you been there? That moment when that idea lands on your head with the effect of a thunder bolt? Okay maybe not in a dramatic sense but I know you can identify with that burning sensation. At that point, you become a member of the ‘pinky and the brain’ tribe. Your grand plan? To take over the world or your community at least. A sad thing to note is the fact that it all exists in your head with little or no outside exposure. Who knows maybe it could redefine the way we groove to beats today or possibly change our obsession for certain make up products and make us fall head over heels to have the new deal. This seems to be the common fate of most ground shattering ideas that never happened. Too many ideas have been left out cold in the graveyard of history and no one knows how far they could have gone in defining our culture. So, before that idea goes cold:

1) CAPTURE:  That’s right, hold it! Too many times we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we loose key elements of a life defining idea. Ideas come and go no doubt and we can’t hold on to all of them. The catch is to hold on to the ones that can go on to make a great difference. It is said that money neither slumbers nor sleeps but often times ideas do.

2) RECORD: After taking a firm hold of the essence of the idea, a follow up would be to put the thought down. Leave no room for urrms and uh-huhs. The mind is fond of playing a fast one on us but before it does same with that concept, let your phone or small jotter come to the rescue. You don’t have to possess legendary book keeping skills. All you need is a few seconds of typing  or writing today that could yield cool millions tomorrow. Winks. 

3) REVIEW: Most times we have a litany of brilliant stuff whirling in our heads to do but with little time for proper review. After penning those thoughts, take some time out to go over the things you penned and become familiar with them.

4) VALENTINE BLUES: Shhhh!! It’s that time of the year again. Men become super creative and ladies super nice. Ever wondered what you could create or birth if you spent half the time you spent over the years preparing for that perfect romantic home run for something as simple as an idea? The results would astound you. Give your idea some valentine treat will you? Ask questions, imagine, envisage. 

5) SERVE HOT: Nothing beats action anytime any day. Wishful thinking is just what it is-wishful thinking. I wonder what would have happened if that laptop on your work table or your smartphone remained a beautiful thought in the mind of the manufacturer. Hmmm, that would mean amongst other things; no food for families of developers, sales people, ad men etc.  

 Let’s serve some ideas hot shall we?

OKOROWU KIZITO is an entrepreneurship enthusiast with a bias for start-ups. Follow him on Twitter @ki_okorowu

Grace Anuforo (GPS)


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