5 SHADES OF DREAMS by Kizito Okorowu


“I have always been a dreamer” – Tony Elumelu


Most of us have been within the magnetic field of these two words. It’s one of the most bandied ‘power phrases’ and has had a wide spread effect on its recipients. I digress. Ever heard the story of a young degree holding son from an Ivy League institution,of a wealthy bloodline who has taken a detour from the generational path of the family trade? For this young fellow, his ‘dream big’ bait is photography and his well meaning parents can’t fathom why their son is happily ensconced in the web of photography. They shouldn’t wonder far, an answer is just a click away:

“It was 12:15am, October 6th and we had been working on the app non-stop, day and night for 8 weeks. With a bit of hesitation, I clicked the button that launched Instagram live to the Apple App Store. We figured we’d have at least 6 hours before anyone discovered the app so we could grab some shut-eye. No problem we figured. Within few minutes, they started pouring in. The night of sleep we were hoping for turned into few meager hours before we rushed into the office to add capacity to the service. Now, only a couple months later, we’re happy to announce that our community consists of more than a million registered users.” I doubt Kevin’s dream; INSTAGRAM, needs any introduction.

Perhaps you can relate with being booed at by your caring family members for striking up a relationship with a fellow you met on social media. All you had to judge from was a series of inspiring posts and now you plan to share with him an idea you’ve been building for about a year. By all means do a due diligence test on the fellow and don’t be hasty in your decision making. I’d also advice you check up the names Travis Kalanick and Ryan Graves in your spare time. You should know a friend who knows a friend that has used the Uber service right? That over 2 billion dollars (not naira) valued company was once a dream shared on Twitter.

Let’s not forget  Charles Forman, whose dream was to create games. How weird right? You maybe correct except that after 36 attempts spanning 6 years, Mr. Charlie’s dream became a 180 million dollar reality. Not bad for a dream if you ask me. My point?

“Dreams come in different sizes, fits and SHADES!”

I say that at the risk of sounding like a motivation merchant. I am not and don’t plan to be in the distant future. However maybe I can challenge you in the interim- don’t just dream, DO!

By doing I mean:

1) SOLVE: We are caught up in the conviviality of ‘dream talk’ that we become oblivious of the needs around us. In solving a problem next door, we create value. Make no mistake, along the lane of value lies fulfillment. What problems have you helped tackle lately? 

2) ENABLE: You see a young boy everyday pass through you compound on his way to school in torn shoes, enable. You hear that the lovely woman that sells you the best bean cakes in the world after close of work each day, is struggling to pay for her child’s Jamb fees with the deadline looming and you ‘ve got the means?Enable. Give ability to someone else’s disability if you can.

3) PRAY: G is a letter that stands for both great and God. Prayer makes you aware of frailty and helps you draw on external help. Not just any help, the God kind of help. You can only undermine the impact of prayer at your peril.

4) GROW: Your growth and advancement has an effect on the quality of your idea. That idea you call a dream needs flesh and bones.  Staying on the couch isn’t helping apparently. If you feel your idea is paper thin and skinny,it’s times to gain some weight.

5) DIVERSITY AND ADVERSITY: What a combination!! Life doles its own fair share of these duo. However no one says you have to be part of the statistics of doom. You can leverage change and pain, churning out a beautiful masterpiece.

All you need may just be a mail, text or a DM to get things started. This isn’t a ‘how- to’ guide but just a nudge in the right direction. Now, what shade is your dream again?

OKOROWU KIZITO is an entrepreneurship enthusiast with a bias for start-ups and small businesses. He resides in Lagos.

Grace Anuforo (GPS)


2 thoughts on “5 SHADES OF DREAMS by Kizito Okorowu

  1. ‘don’t just dream, DO!’ it’s always starts with a dream but must be fervently followed with the right actions. Thank u

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