Girls, please pay attention to this!!!


Many girls get raped or sexually abused simply because they didn’t see it coming. The warning signal was blinking severally right in front of them, but they weren’t paying attention neither could they read the handwriting on the wall. Protecting yourself against potential abusers is very important to your esteem and to prevent future stories.

 Here are some tips that should tell you when to RUN, RUN, RUN far away from him or her (Are you wondering why I used ‘her’? Well, it because, girls aren’t just sexually abused by boys or men, they can also be abused by girls and women).
He or she gives you pornographic picture or video to watch.
He or she makes sexual comments about too frequently than normal about you. ‘Wow, Nancy, you are becoming really sexy. Who would have known your breasts would grow so fast, I’m sure boys will immediately like you e.t.c. Note that those are verbal disrespect to your body and shouldn’t be taken as compliments.
He or she tells you to come and visit him or her , especially when he says you should come to an uncompleted building, at night or areas where lots of boys hangout (Honey, this is a RED signal)
He or she gives you lots of unnecessary gifts. ie. when there is no particular occasion or genuine reasons for such gifts.
He tells you not to tell your parents or anybody about him (such person who doesn’t want to be known or seen with you is potentially dangerous).
He jokingly or playfully slaps your breasts or backside. (Stay away from such a person before it’s too late).
He spies on you in the privacy of your room or in the bathroom.
In situations where there is a red signal i.e you are directly face-to-face with the sexual abuser (who is familiar to you) and you very well know screaming cannot help, PRETENCE will help. Do not panic. Showing fear or trying to fight (without having self-defense classes) will only provoke or excite the sexual abuser to cause more harm. Sometimes, out of anger or mistake, the sexual abuser can murder the victim. Thus, you pretend to be calm, let him think you are with him (though it may be difficult), smile and pretend to use the bathroom, or some other excuse. At this point, he is relaxed and not on edge. Then you can find an escape route. However, do everything it takes not to be in that position where you can’t get help. And if you get raped, do not hide it. It’s not shameful. Quickly report so that you can be taken to the clinic, examined and flushed. Otherwise, there would be a case of unwanted pregnancy.

Grace Anuforo (#TeamGPS)


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