How to know if you are THE CLASSY LADY

Of course, there are quite a number of females in this part of the planet. However there are different categories. The girls, The ladies, The women. The ladies are further classified into: The ladies and The CLASSY ladies….Uhn uhn., ‘The classy ladies’. Am sure you are wondering or trying to figure out exactly what the difference is. Well, you’ll find out soon enough. Some ladies really want to be classy and try to be classy but never get to be classy especially because of the wrong interpretation they have of that word ‘classy’.


Being classy is not about wearing the most expensive dress, wearing the most expensive perfume, riding the very latest car or having a famous boyfriend, among all other meanings people read to being classy. A classy lady is a confident one, smart, sees beyond the present, attracts only responsible gentlemen, has a good carriage, is a proper lady, does not chase after men, has her pride, knows her right, is challenged when she fails, is independent, is a go-getter, is well-respected etc.
In Africa, our beliefs have clouded our reasoning, especially when it comes to matters concerning the female folk. It could be sometimes disheartening when I hear some ladies say some things, and I get to wonder if such ladies aren’t shallow in the way they think. For example, most people in this part of the world, i.e. Africa, Nigeria to be precise, believe that a lady who already has a car before marriage has a very slim chance of having a husband. Says who?! The most has a very slim chance of having a husband. Says who?! The most annoying thing is the fact that most Nigerian ladies believe this and prefer to move about with public transport when they can actually afford getting a car that will bring comfort. Isnt that funny?
Why would one intentionally punish one’s self just because one is scared of being a spinster for life? My fellow lady, any man who cannot walk up to you because you are a success, is not man enough to be your man. Or would you want to be with a ‘coward’ for life? Am sure that’s a NO, since every lady wants a man who is confident and knows what he wants rather than being with a ‘chicken’. A classy lady wont pattern her life after men, she goes to school, is a success for herself, and she is proud of whatever she becomes. She doesn’t throw away all the resources her parents invested on her, or what she has invested in her life just because she wants a man to come after her!!! Imagine a community of a combination of both young men and young women. Now, imagine a particular lady who has the charisma of a classy lady and has a good carriage. She is well respected by the young men of that community and envied by the young women. When names of ladies are rudely talked about especially by the young men, her name is not mentioned. Sometimes, like I said earlier, some ladies have a wrong meaning about that word, ‘classy’ and think they are classy, probably because they come from a rich family or they are beautiful or because they drive every man crazy in bed….. WELL….sorry to burst your bubble. That is not being classy. Here are some tips to assess if you are a classy lady or if you want to be one.
A classy lady is a simple lady.
A classy lady has integrity.
A classy lady is a role model for young girls
A classy lady is not snobbish.
A classy lady is approachable. Don’t think because people can’t greet you or are scared to talk to you, then you are classy. No, that’s not being classy, that’s just being a “terrorist, a snob or a jerk”
A classy lady does not stare at men just because they are cute. It’s not lady-like.
A classy lady does not jump into bed with every tom, dick and harry just because she is complimented.
A classy lady is an independent woman and doesn’t wait for a man to survive.
A classy lady knows when and how to avoid trouble.
A classy lady does not allow anyone treat her like ‘shit’ cos she knows her rights.
A classy lady has principles and stands by them.
A classy lady is disciplined.
A classy lady is not rude and doesn’t start a public fight.
A classy lady says NO to a guy politely.
A classy lady only dresses to satisfy herself and not to attract attention.
A classy lady doesn’t keep too many friends.
A classy lady has some level of pride and commands respect when around men just because of the way she carries herself.
A classy lady is a nice lady.
A classy lady is versatile.
A classy lady is not lazy.
A classy lady doesn’t go about gossiping and destroying other people’s personalities.
A classy lady sets goals for herself and works towards achieving such goals.
A classy lady observes protocols.
A classy lady doesn’t have sex with a guy on her first date with him.
A classy lady doesn’t wallow in self-pity. When she falls (fails), she picks herself back up.
A classy lady doesn’t dwell on her past mistakes, instead, she corrects them. If you think you are classy, use the above tips to examine yourself. If you want to be classy, use the above tips to help yourself. THIS IS FOR THE CLASSY LADIES!!!

Grace Anuforo (GPS)


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