Ladies, do not mind a guy who
says you are forming just because you aren’t ‘shining teeth’
with him. This is because whenever we give them an inch,
they take a mile. U try to be a little nice or very polite to a
guy, he takes it to be an interest in him, then he begins to
take an advantage of the situation. Later, they’ll say a girl
who says NO to guy means YES….and that’s just because
she gives him a smile and talks nice to him. Whereas, she is
just being a sensible normal person. Now, when a girl
decides not to be too nice with a guy, she becomes someone
who is ‘forming’. Therefore, care less about a guy who says
that, because its that same guy that ‘ll come back to say you
are ‘flirty’ when you become too nice to him. Who cares
anyway. LET THEM SAY!


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