Babes, its a lie when someone
says being a smart, independent and firm lady will make men
run away from you. Only the cowards and the weaker men
will. REAL and STRONG MEN admire and want ladies like
that. They want a confident woman who can manage their
homes for them properly. They want a woman who’ll have
good influence on their kids.
This is why a submissive
woman is a wife to a REAL MAN, however, a weak man
cannot ever have a submissive woman because he really
doesn’t deserve it. He only keeps making noise about being the
‘head’. And by REAL MAN, I mean a confident man, not a ‘boy
or guy’. Anyone who says you’ll be an old spinster if you are
strong is only lying to you, he is looking for who he’ll put
beneath him. Do not let a man deter you from pursuing your
dreams. Ladies, u girls need to know your rights. THE RIGHTS


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